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Jen Kenley - January 2023 Patient of the Month

January 2023 Patient of the Month – Jen Kenley

We’re delighted to honor Jen Kenley* as our January Patient of the Month!

Jen says-

“I am very grateful to Apple Healthcare! I have been a patient of the Chiropractic / Physical therapy team for three years.

Dr. Howell was able to turn my breech baby during my pregnancy using the Webster technique which I really feel saved her life. She also helped with debilitating back pain.

In 2023, I almost lost my battle with Lyme Disease and CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome). After a 17 day hospitalization and loss of muscle mass and mobility Dale Cuva took me on (when many doctors didn’t want to) and has walked this battle right beside me. Her knowledge has helped me gain my strength back and given me hope we are on the path to complete remission. She has given my children back their mother and I am forever grateful.”

Thanks for sharing your story, Jen! We’re so honored to be able to help you get on the road to better health.

*A release was signed allowing us to disclose this patient’s name, photograph and provider information.

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