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A Will to Advance…..

by in Employee News January 28, 2015

By Cole Hosenfeld, DC, CCSP

I have been asked by numerous people about my current educational path as to the what, why and the where of it all. The providers of our clinic as well as many of our team have a desire to continually better themselves by understanding conditions and their treatment methods across various disciplines. We as a whole are geared towards providing patients with an understanding of all of their care options in order for them to make the most appropriate choice in helping them heal from their injury or to advance their current health level.

I am currently advancing my knowledge in the field of sports medicine as I am seeking to obtain my “Board Certification” in sports medicine through the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians. This is an extension of my current sports certification that is much more in depth. The course work is comprised of hundreds of hours of education through in-class coursework, online formats, self-study, clinical and practical hours that range from chiropractic, emergency room, orthopedic, paramedic, and on the field assessment. I travel to Washington DC monthly to take coursework at George Mason University and most of my professors are sports medicine providers with the United States Olympic Center (USOC) in Colorado. I am almost finished with my coursework and for me to obtain full “Board Certification”, I will have to complete “boards” which I will take in Los Angeles, California at the end of April. This testing will be taken over two days and will be comprised of lengthy written and practical tests. Practical tests are interesting as there are multiple situations where I will be walking into a room to assess patients with all types of disorders and will need to consult, evaluate, review diagnostic testing (such as MRIs) and quickly come up with a diagnosis and care plan for each patient while two examiners evaluate my performance.

The sports medicine world is advancing rapidly in the study and treatment of many common nerve, muscle and skeletal disorders. As an office that treats athletes, we have adapted these treatments to our recreational athletes and non-athlete population in order for them to get the most up to date and effective care. Our desire is to advance. Our desire is to continually improve our treatments. Our desire is to stay with treatments that are tried and true. Our desire is to help you heal. Our desire is to earn your trust. Our desire is to help you have the will to advance your health.

If you have any questions about the work our team is doing to better serve the Knoxville community or if you would like to schedule an appointment with a member of our team, contact our office at 865.524.1234.