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Treating Pregnancy Pains

by in Conditions We Treat, Employee News, Patient Stories, Wellness April 17, 2015

hope pregnantAt 32 weeks pregnant, I get asked a lot of questions about my pregnancy. Everyone who comes into our office wants to know how far along I am, whether it’s a boy or a girl, what her name is going to be, and finally, how am I feeling?

That is when my job at Apple really has its perks. When you work in a physical medicine clinic surrounded by top-notch medical professionals, it is easy to find solutions for my pregnancy pains.

In the past we have written articles about the benefits of chiropractic care for pregnant women. Research has proven that women who are regularly adjusted suffer from less back and joint pain, have easier deliveries, and have reduced symptoms with regards to fatigue, headaches, heartburn, and swelling. What I didn’t know was just how much I would need the rest of our team as well.

If someone you love is pregnant, I would highly recommend you connect them with one of our providers so they can get the Apple Care Team treatment. Here are a few of my personal highlights from the last eight months:

1. Gene Testing: Before getting pregnant, our nurse practitioner tested me for a gene mutation in the MTHFR gene and I came back positive. The gene mutation is heavily associated with miscarriages, poor fetal development, and birth defects. Because I had the test, I was able to switch my prenatal vitamins to a vitamin that is compatible with my genes which has led to a perfect healthy pregnancy. The test was easy and the solution is simple. Every woman hoping to get pregnant should consider this test to ensure healthy pregnancies and healthy babies.

2. Exercise Regimen: Let’s face it, everyone knows that pregnancy will change your body but I wanted some exercises that I could do without harming the baby. Jamie gave me a customized pregnancy exercise routine that I can do to target my core, kegels, and hips. There is so much mixed information on the internet about what is safe for pregnant women, I even found information about how to start strengthening my vaginas gripping power again! I found out from a trustable source just what I should be doing to stay in shape during and after my pregnancy from a doctor of physical therapy (and recently pregnant mama) who understands exactly what it takes survive a pregnancy.

3. Massage: Your body changes so quickly when you are pregnant that your musculoskeletal system has a hard time keeping up. That is where the massages come in really handy. The therapy team gives short massages to trouble areas like my low back and shoulders where my muscles are adapting to my changing body. Our office even has a massage chair with special pads for pregnant women so that you are comfortable the entire time.

4. Pregnancy Gear: The clinic is fully stocked with everything you could need supply-wise. I picked up a green massage stick to help with tight leg muscles and a pregnancy back brace and Biofreeze for the times that my back would hurt. Unlike maternity stores, I was able to try the brace on before purchase to make sure it was a good fit which leads to better support when I needed it most.

5. Walk-In Care: One of the things I was not expecting when I got pregnant was a weakened immune system. My white blood cells are doing double duty trying to protect me and the baby. That’s why it was so nice to have Sue and Jessica available for same day appointments. On two separate occasions, I needed medical care during my pregnancy and they were more than accommodating. The best part about our medical team is the attention to detail. On both occasions, they took the time to educate me about my body and find the best solution for my ailments based on my changing body. Sue even took the time to call me at home a few days after my appointment to make sure I was back to normal. You will not get this kind of service at walk-in clinic anywhere else in the city. Guaranteed.

6. Adjustments and Wellness Care: Last, but certainly not least, is the chiropractic care. Dr. Vaughan and Dr. Cole work on me almost every week to keep my body aligned and to answer questions about my pregnancy. I was worried that my treatment would be harmful to the baby but they were able to adjust their methods so that it was perfectly safe for both of us. The adjustments have helped my hips to open up and have kept me as mobile as possible for being so late in pregnancy. They also used trigger point treatments to help my round ligaments expand properly and stretching techniques for tight muscles in my back, legs, and hips. Dr. Cole even brought in my husband and taught him things he can do at home to help ease my pregnancy pains and make labor and delivery easier.

If you are pregnancy and living in the Knoxville area, do yourself a favor and connect with a provider at Apple Health and Wellness today!

So many women wait until the last trimester but they are missing out on so many of the other incredible benefits that the clinic has to offer. The Apple Care Team wants to be your partners in health, from the beginning to the end of your pregnancy.

Now as I round the last bend towards delivery, I go with the confidence that I have done everything possible to prepare my body for delivery because of the incredible Care Team at Apple.

-Written by Hope Ealey

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  1. What a great article, Hope! They’ve got you spoiled at Apple! 😉 Can’t WAIT to meet Baby Girl!

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