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Anti-Inflammatory Diet

by in Medical Care, Wellness January 9, 2014

Inflammation can be good or bad. When it’s good, it’s a natural response by the body to a cut, for example. The immune system sends white blood cells and other substances to the site of the injury to get the healing process going. On the other hand, chronic inflammation due to factors like living a  sedentary lifestyle, stress, […]

Exercise for the Diabetic

by in Medical Care, Podiatry, Wellness August 13, 2013

PaleoDiabetic, August 2013 Steve Parker, M.D. Eighty-five percent of type 2 diabetics are overweight or obese. It’s not just a random association. Obesity contributes heavily to most cases of type 2 diabetes, particularly in those predisposed by heredity. Insulin is the key that allows bloodstream sugar (glucose) into cells for utilization as energy, thus keeping […]