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Sinus Infections

by in Conditions We Treat, Medical Care August 4, 2015

Sinus infections (or sinusitis) is an inflammation of the nasal sinuses. It is usually caused by infection (bacterial or viral), but can also be caused by allergic reactions or other responses to environmental agents. Signs and Symptoms: Fever Nasal obstruction Raspy voice Pus-like nasal discharge Lose of sense of smell Facial pain or headache that […]

Degenerative Disc

by in Conditions We Treat July 2, 2015

Degeneration of the intervertebral disc, often called Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD), is a condition that can be painful and can greatly affect the quality of one’s life. While disc degeneration is a normal part of aging and, for most people is not a problem, for certain individuals, a degenerated disc can cause severe constant chronic […]

Patient Story: Loretta S.

by in Patient Stories June 10, 2015

  Provider Name(s): Dr. Chris Hosenfeld How did you hear about our group? Members of my family have been treated by Hosenfeld Chiropractic over several years. How long have you been a patient?  2 years What was your medical issue (in your own words) when you first started coming to our office? I had neck […]

Treating Migraines

by in Chiropractic Care, Conditions We Treat May 19, 2015

A migraine is a neurological syndrome characterized by altered bodily perceptions, sever headaches, and nausea. Physiologically, the migraine headache is more common to women than men. Signs and Symptoms: Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and/or sounds, and distorted vision. The cause of the migraine headaches is unknown; however, the most common theory is […]


by in Chiropractic Care, Conditions We Treat May 14, 2015

Sciatica is a set of symptoms including pain that may be caused by general compression and/or irritation of one of the five spinal nerve roots that give rise to each sciatic nerve, or by compression or irritation of the left or right or both sciatic nerves. Signs and Symptoms: The pain is often felt in […]