Patient Story: Phyllis R.

by in Patient Stories March 19, 2015

Phyllis RusselProvider Name(s): Dr. Cole Hosenfeld

How did you hear about our group? Several of my friends are patients of Dr. Cole’s.

How long have you been a patient? One year

What was your medical issue (in your own words) when you first started coming to our office?

I had fallen 5-1/2 years ago and hit the back of my head on metal sound plates. This caused my neck to be out of line and my balance was off. I had to hold onto something to walk such as a grocery cart or a stroller or a cane or ride wheelchair at stores. I had been to 5 chiropractors prior to coming to Dr. Cole but still had a balance problem.

Tell us a little bit about your experience in our office:

Dr. Cole met with me and requested to see my MRI. None of the other chiropractors ever asked for my MRI. After reviewing my MRI, Dr. Cole showed me the place in my neck that had not yet been corrected. This is the place that was causing my imbalance. Dr. Cole told me he would spend the first three sessions learning my neck. He said everyone’s neck is different. Then on the 4th visit, he would do adjustments. So, I went 3 times for my neck to be studied and the 4th visit was my miracle! Dr. Cole made several adjustments to my neck and I have had normal balance ever since! Hallelujah! Dr. Cole also put me in physical therapy with Jamie and she instructed me during the first session on how to use my core muscles during walks. None of the other physical therapists from other groups had even mentioned my core muscles. I was able to walk without an aide following the first session with Jamie!

How would you describe your health now?

My health is awesome! I go to Dr. Cole monthly to maintain my spine flowing. I am very grateful!

How has your improved health changed your life overall?

I can stand, sit and walk without feeling that I am going to fall at any moment. I can relax. My life now is filled with hope and joy.

What is something that you are proud of (or looking forward to) now that you are feeling better?

I am looking forward to finding a job!

Is there anything that you have noticed about our office that sets us apart from other clinics?

The staff takes an interest in me personally as an individual person. I don’t feel like one of a hundred patients for the day. Dr. Cole and all the staff always take time to talk with me and answer my questions.

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