Low or No Cost OA Treatments for Medicare Patients

Arthritis shouldn’t stop your adventures! At Apple Healthcare, we’re proud to offer time-tested treatments for osteoarthritis that can help you delay or avoid surgery!

For Medicare patients with a Medicare supplement plan, there is generally little or no out of pocket cost for the treatments!

How Our Treatments Work

One of the main tools we use to treat OA is hyaluronic acid (HA). This substance occurs naturally in the body and serves several purposes.
  • Reducing inflammation and pain in the joint.
  • JIncreasing lubrication and cushioning in the joint.
  • Re-growing cartilage and bone in the area damaged by OA degeneration.
Hyaluronic acid treatments for OA are backed by decades of research, but a recent improvement to the procedure greatly improved its effectiveness.
In order to be effective, the HA injection has to make it into the joint capsule. Failure to do so can result in little improvement in a patient’s condition and can even add additional pain if the acid comes into contact with other tissue.
For this reason, we use ultrasound technology to see your joint in real time and guide our injection to the precise location needed for maximum effectiveness. Patients who had previously had HA injections at other providers have noticed a difference in outcomes and effectiveness because of this unique process.

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