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Kinesio Tape

by in Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy and Rehab September 1, 2012

During the last Summer Olympics, you may have noticed a lot of athletes were donning this colored tape. It was on their arms, legs, shoulders and back. Indeed, the 2012 Summer Olympiad was a big coming out party for kinesio tape.

Developed by Japanese chiropractor Kenzo Kase, kinesio tape has been around for more than three decades, and it has been used among chiropractors, orthopedists and athletic trainers since the 1980s. However, most people didn’t discover it until the London Olympics.

Kinesio tape is an elastic, cotton tape that works by controlling the range of motion of the muscles where it is attached. Since the tape is elastic, once it’s stretched to its limit, it pulls back. This helps prevent athletes with injuries from overexerting their muscles and risking re-injury. For instance, if someone has a sore hamstring, applying the kinesio tape can prevent that person from aggravating that hamstring by placing a limit on the range of motion of that particular muscle.

The difference between kinesio tape and traditional athletic taping is that kinesio tape allows for a fuller range of motion, whereas athletic tape is much more rigid. Kinesio tape moves with you and provides a tugging sensation to let you know you’ve stretched too far, whereas athletic tape provides support by restricting range of motion.

Kinesio tape can be useful to more than just athletes, though. Just about anyone who has suffered some sort of skeletomuscular injury could find use in it. People with sore muscles, people who perform difficult labor and people recovering from muscle strains and tears could see the benefit of using kinesio tape.

If you’re interested in kinesio tape, you can purchase some at Apple Health and Wellness. We’ll even show you how to properly apply it.

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