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Hosenfeld Chiropractic is now Apple Health & Wellness

by in Chiropractic Care, Medical Care, Physical Therapy and Rehab, Podiatry, Wellness January 8, 2013

Thirty years ago, a chiropractic clinic opened in Knoxville called “Hosenfeld Chiropractic.” The goal of the practice was to provide patients with the best, most innovative evidence-based chiropractic solutions in Knoxville.

As our practice began to grow, we added more disciplines: podiatry, physical rehab and medical care, to expand our services and help our patients achieve total body wellness. During this expansion, the name “Hosenfeld Chiropractic” no longer seemed appropriate. Yes, we still offer the best chiropractic care available in Knoxville, but we also provide much more than that.

As a result, we decided that our name needed an update. Hosenfeld Chiropractic was no longer inclusive  of all the disciplines we provided patients. That’s why, in December 2012, we changed our name to Apple Health & Wellness.

We haven’t been taken over by a different company, our providers haven’t changed and we haven’t altered our philosophy. The only things that have changed are our name and logo. We believe that the name “Apple Health & Wellness” better represents the overall care we provide.

If your friends ask “what happened to Hosenfeld Chiropractic?” or “What’s Apple Health & Wellness?” You can tell them they are one and the same. The Hosenfelds and Dr. Conrad Vaughan are still providing excellent chiropractic care, but you can also visit Apple Health & Wellness for physical therapy, rehab or podiatry or to receive trigger point injections and food sensitivity testing. Our goal is to provide our patients with solutions that contribute to total body wellness, and our expanded offerings do just that.

Apple Health & Wellness is a multidisciplinary clinic committed to total body wellness and providing patients with innovative, proven solutions that help them achieve their healthcare goals. The Knoxville-based clinic integrates chiropractic, physical therapy and rehabilitation, medical care and podiatry to deliver the best patient outcomes.

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