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Hormone Replacement

by in Medical Care, Wellness May 2, 2013

Few people enjoy growing older or its’ side effects. Changes in hormones, that are a part of aging, affect both men and women. As estrogen and testosterone levels drop, mood swings, sleep disturbances, loss of energy and libido, and loss of muscle mass follow. This is not something that most people are willing to accept.

When the Women’s Health Initiative abruptly ended hormone replacement trials because of a strong correlation between hormone supplementation and cardiovascular disease, many women reconsidered this type of therapy. There were no “safe” alternatives offered. Today Bioidentical hormones are being researched and studied as a healthy option for treatment.

You can find out more about your hormone levels through blood work or saliva testing. Once you have this information, there are choices for treating symptoms of hormone imbalance or actually replacing lost hormones to their previous balanced state. There are a number of homeopathic and natural supplements which can treat symptoms of hormone depletion. Some may even boost certain hormone levels.

There are also various forms of replacing hormones and bringing levels to that place of balance. Prescribed creams, trochees, subdermal pellets, hormonal injections, and specially formulated compounds are all options. This is a matter of personal preference and budget.

It is best to first consult with your primary care physician to determine whether you are a good candidate for hormone replacement. There are health issues that can be compounded by hormone supplementation. Likewise, there are medications that can interfere with absorption and optimum use of hormones by the body.

-Written by L. Sue Wheeler, FNP