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Healthy Weight Loss

by in Medical Care, Wellness March 31, 2015

Spring is in full swing which for many people means it is time to think about losing weight for the summer. This spring, instead of paying for the latest fad diet, consider a weight loss program where you are taught to eat healthy, well-balanced meals and are empowered about the daily food choices you make all under the supervision of one of our family nurse practitioners.

Many people suffer from pre-existing health conditions that prevent them from following certain health rules. Our family nurse practitioner will take your current medications and health history into consideration when helping you to build a weight loss goal that works for you.

We offer several weight loss paths based on your history, goals, lifestyle, and budget. For some patients, that means using the Healthwise line of medical quality foods that was developed for bariatric patients. For other patients, that means taking the Alcat test for food sensitivities which can often lead to bloating and weight gain and building a meal plan that does not include inflammatory foods. Our last group of patients simply needs direction finding healthy alternatives in their local stores and guidance building healthy meals. No matter what your situation may be, we have a weight loss solution that can help you lose weight the right way.

Don’t waste another dollar on a weight loss gimmick. Instead, choose to lose weight the healthy way under the supervision of a medical professional who will guide you and coach you the entire way.