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by in Medical Care, Wellness May 4, 2014

healthwise starter kitOne of the main goals of our practice is to help our patients reach all of their wellness goals. For many of you, that means helping you to reach a healthy weight or to decrease inflammation in your body. We believe that the safest way to begin a weight loss program is under the supervision of a medical professional. Our Nurse Practitioners are trained to help you set up a wellness plan that caters to your body, goals, previous health conditions, and situations.

In addition, we partnered with HealthWise so that we can offer you low calorie, high protein exchange foods to help you achieve your wellness goals. Our selection of meal replacement entrees and delicious line of snacks is perfect for anyone trying to stay on a weight loss program while still appeasing their taste buds.

There is so much information out there about how to lose weight. We believe that all of our patients should strive for a diet rich in protein and high in fiber and nutrients while staying low in calories, inflammatory aggravators, and sugar.

Here are some weight management guidelines that we recommend for our patients.

1. Stay hydrated. Water makes up 70% of the body and the body cannot perform basic functions without it. Drink at least 64 ounces per day. It will help regulate your organs, flush lactic acid and other toxins from the body, and lubricate your joints.

2. Eat five small meals a day. Your body needs fuel to keep you going all day long so it is important to spread your calories out over the day and make sure you have energy going in so you can perform your best. Try to incorporate a lean protein and complex carbohydrate at each meal.

3. Make sleep a priority. Try to schedule your sleep so that you are going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. You will feel more rested and alert and have more energy for your daily activities.

4. Moderation and variety are the keys to success. Your body is made to digest a very wide variety of foods. Try to mix up your normal routine and eat from the whole food pyramid. That way, your body will have access to all of the essential vitamins and nutrients that keep you healthy.

5. Listen to your body. Your body is constantly sending you signals. Be sure to listen when you are hungry or full and adjust your eating habits.

6. Track your food intake. By writing down everything you eat you are making yourself accountable for everything that you put in your body. Your weight loss coach can also use this log to gauge how your weight loss is going.

7. PIG OUT. Whenever you are hungry between meals, you can consume as many raw veggies and fruits that you would like. This keeps you full and prevents overeating on “bad” foods.

If you would like more information about weight loss management, give us a call at 865.691.3155 to set up your consultation.

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