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Got Headaches? Your Gut Might Be to Blame

by in Uncategorized March 12, 2019

Your gut is intricately connected to the rest of your body, to the point where problems with your gut can actually cause headaches. Even migraines.

The gut and the brain are connected through an extensive network of neurons, hormones, and a superhighway of chemicals. Dysfunction in the central nervous system leads to dysfunction in the gut, and vice versa. This means headaches can both trigger and be triggered by gut discomfort.

Consider these facts:

  • The rates of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are much higher in migraine patients, and vice versa. And inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients are more than twice as likely to have migraines.
  • The gut produces the majority of our serotonin, and low serotonin levels are often found in migraine sufferers.
  • Stress, which is the top cause of headaches, can release hormones in the central nervous system that travel down to the gut and cause inflammation. The inflammation markers can then travel back to the brain and disrupt neurochemistry, which makes people more prone to anxiety, depression – and migraines.
  • An inflamed gut will not be able to effectively process vital nutrients to prevent migraines.
  • A leaky gut is associated with increased food allergies, and migraine sufferers have been found to have significantly more allergic reactions to foods than the general population. When people eliminate food allergens, they are twice as likely to get relief for their headaches.

How can you find out if your gut is causing your headaches?

At Apple Healthcare, we conduct a thorough evaluation to find out what’s causing your pain. Once we have all the information we need, we help our patients create a step-by-step strategic plan to address each of the issues in a manner that allows their bodies to heal.

This month, we’re pleased to offer 20 percent off all orders for new accounts in our online nutritional store until June 30, 2019. Many protocols to restore your gut health take about 90 days, and are followed by a permanent change to a better diet and improved overall health!

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