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Fraudulent Supplements

by in Trends in Healthcare February 19, 2015

Earlier this month, GNC, Target, Walmart, and Walgreens were all accused of selling fraudulent supplements and vitamins. These in-store brands have used “contamination, substitution, false labeling, and deceptive business practices” (-Washington Post) and they have received cease and desist letters for several of their products. Many of the vitamins tested by the Attorney General’s office did not contain ANY of the supplement listed as the main ingredient on the bottle. Other products contained wheat and beans without proper labeling on the package which could lead to anaphylaxis for allergic patients. If you would like to read the entire report posted by the Office of the Attorney General, that report is available here.

Our office prescribes and recommends the Designs for Health line of vitamins and supplements because it uses a more rigorous screening process for ingredients and they hold their supplements up to higher standards. You can read more about their process and see appropriate documentation here.

Some patients have mentioned that the Designs for Health products seem to be more expensive than over-the-counter versions that you can get at Walgreens or Walmart. We prescribe these for two reasons. First, our office is committed to only selling the highest quality products. We believe that you should be as careful with your supplements as you are with other prescription medications and only put whole, quality ingredients into your body. You wouldn’t put poor quality oil in your car so stop putting poor quality supplements in your body. Second, the Designs for Health products have been tested and approved by our providers. These are medical grade supplements and vitamins.  In the long run, you usually end up spending more money on low quality supplements because they will not render the correct effects for your body.

Do you have any questions about your current vitamin regimen? Contact our office at 865.524.1234. Our Family Nurse Practitioners are trained in vitamin and supplement recommendations and they can help you build a vitamin regimen that works for you.

-Written by Hope Ealey