Flat Feet

by in Conditions We Treat, Podiatry March 23, 2015

flat-feet-archFlat foot is a common condition that can lead to other complications in the foot, ankles, and in the hips and back. It is commonly referred to as “fallen arches”. This condition is often hereditary. Sudden onset of flat feet could be the results of ruptured or dysfunctional tendons.

Flat feet can be characterized broadly into rigid or flexible types. A simple in-office examination can help determine this. For flexible flat feet, good rigid orthotics are prescribed to help support the foot and limit excessive pronation in the foot. Sometimes therapeutic exercises can be done to strengthen the tendons around the foot and help prevent further foot collapse. In rigid flat feet, a more accommodative orthotic is often used. There are surgical procedures to help treat painful rigid flat feet.

If a flexible flat foot is left untreated, it can lead to a rigid flat foot and more complications down the road. Because of the biomechanics involved in flat feet, it can alter your gait and cause ankle, knee, hip and back pain.

If you and your family members suffer from flat feet, contact our office at 865.524.1234 for treatment options. Our podiatrist can help you get the structure you need for pain relief.

-Written by Bradley Gipson, DPM

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