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Excess Weight and Back Pain

by in Conditions We Treat, Medical Care, Trends in Healthcare April 22, 2015

So who wants to lose 10 pounds by summer? We all do right? Well I know that MOST of us want to look good and feel comfortable in our bathing suits, but who really has gone beyond that and thought about what losing weight would do for our bodies -more specifically, our back pain? People in this position might want to consider looking for the best cbd cream they can find to help them deal with their pain while working towards losing some weight. What is holding you back from every activity you ever wanted to do? Most people would say back pain, joint pain, or time constraints. Unfortunately, I cannot help you get more hours in your day, but I can help improve your back and joint pain through weight loss!

According to a recent study from The Spine Journal, “In the U.S., the risk of low back pain increases as body mass index (BMI) increases; the risk of low back pain among those who are extremely obese is four times greater than among people of normal weight.”

There are several reasons for this. The most significant reason is that those individuals who have increased BMI’s tend to have an increased lordosis lordosis(or curve) in their low backs because of the added weight that belly fat puts on their spines and because of weak core muscles. This can cause consistent back pain that can interfere with daily life. However, people don’t have to suffer from this pain forever. There are places these people can go to try and reduce this pain, like Tulsa Spine and Rehab or somewhere more local to you. With the help of a chiropractor, this pain should become much more manageable.

You see this all the time with pregnant women. As their stomachs increase in size, they develop a swayback which puts extra pressure on the discs and vertebra in the low back.

Luckily our office offers a two part solution for your back pain. While our chiropractors and physical therapists work to get your back and core muscles in shape, I can help you lose the extra weight that is causing your back pain.

Have you heard the old saying, “Nutrition is 80% and exercise is 20% of weight loss.” This is absolutely true!

A study by Loyola University Health System compared different cultural groups in the United States against the same cultural groups that resided in other countries and found that the groups in the US were on average 60 pounds heavier. Both groups received the same amount of physical activity daily; however, nutrition/diet was the key factor in the lower weights in other countries.

I know that losing weight is no piece of cake but as the weight comes off of your body you will notice a reduction in joint pain all over your body, including pesky back pain! If you don’t see this improvement then, of course, you will have to seek professional help or try this cbd oil ohio provides, as it may be a much deep-rooted issue.

As a chronic back pain sufferer, I have noticed several things after losing 20 pounds over the last two months:
1. Self-control can be really difficult and I HAVE TO HAVE ACCOUNTABILITY.
2. I feel so much better overall: mentally, physically, and emotionally.
3. I have more self-confidence.
4. Exercise truly is only 20% because I have been unable to exercise due to my recent knee surgery.

I would love to be a part of your weight loss story! If you are interested in getting healthy and feeling better, please contact the clinic today to get started. I have many different nutritional options that can guide your weight loss while considering your current lifestyle and schedule. Call today at 865-691-3155!

-Written by Jessica Cantwell, FNP-BC