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DME Braces

by in Trends in Healthcare January 22, 2015

At Apple, one of our key philosophies is that each patient should be provided with the tools they need for optimal healing. One of the ways that we do this is by being able to offer DME (or durable medical equipment) products. These products are a state-of-the-art, higher quality line of supportive braces and medical equipment that are usually covered by your insurance company.

We have many examples where patient braces were able to put off joint replacements or other surgeries and still maintain the level of comfort to live their life now. For example, many of you suffer from knee pain. In most cases, relief comes from a simple over-the-counter knee brace (pictured left is a standard brace that we carry). For many people, this does not provide enough support. You would need a high-tech DME knee brace (pictured right) to prolong a knee surgery or to help recover after a serious knee injury.

Ask your provider if you are interested in a more supportive brace that can help you heal and cope with pain and discomfort. We supply DME back, wrist, neck, knee, ankle, and foot braces. We always verify your benefits before recommending a brace so you know exactly what you will be paying out of pocket. For many patients (including most Medicare patients), the braces can cost little to nothing. Call us today at 865.691.3155 for more information about DME braces.