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Apple-a-Day Health Tip: Eat Fruits and Vegetables

by in Wellness January 22, 2013

Eating the daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables is a tried and true way of keeping your body healthy and naturally energized. From the essential vitamins and nutrients to hunger-satiating fiber, fruits and vegetables promote daily health. This might be really easy for some people, but it can also be really hard for others (think back to childhood refusals of broccoli or brussel sprouts). However, it is extremely important to add it to your meals because diets rich in these foods may reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke and other chronic diseases.

A fruit serving is equivalent to one piece of fruit like an apple, orange or peach. For men and women ages 18+ it is recommended to get at least two servings a day. If you aren’t a big fan of plain fruit, think about adding fruit into your cereal, making a smoothie or trying dried fruit.

The USDA recommends your vegetable intake to include a variety of colorful vegetables, greens, dry beans and peas, starchy vegetables and any others you desire. For men and women ages 18+ it is recommended to get two to three servings of vegetables each day. One cup of cooked veggies like broccoli, carrots or potatoes equals one serving. Although raw greens such as spinach require two cups to equal one serving. If you or your family members don’t love vegetables, try adding them to a casserole, soup, pasta or any other dishes that you like so you won’t notice them as much.  

Another way to ease the transition when incorporating larger amounts of fruits and vegetables into your diet is to wash and cut them up Sunday night after a trip to the grocery store. That way, you won’t dread the prep work throughout the week when making meals and you have a quick, accessible snack.

Nutrition is an integral part of wellness, and Apple Health & Wellness has the qualified staff that can get you on the right nutrition plan.

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