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Alleviate Pain with Trigger Point Injections

by in Chiropractic Care, Medical Care, Wellness September 14, 2012

Muscle pains are a fairly common occurrence which will usually go away on their own. If they don’t immediately, people often treat it with cannabis and the right tools like a water pipe (Check out for examples) to manage the pain symptoms after talking to their medical professional about it. However, extreme muscle pain and spasms, along with knotted muscles that won’t relax, are something to be aware of. These knotted muscles are known as trigger points, which are tight bands or small areas of muscle that are very sensitive to touch and pressure. Trigger points are painful on their own, but they can also irritate surrounding nerves and cause additional pain.

Trigger points may be caused by traumatic injury, overexertion, muscle tension and pinched spinal nerves. They most commonly occur in the neck, shoulders and back. Trigger point injection (TPI) has become widely accepted and is one of the most effective treatment options available.

In the TPI procedure, a chiropractor inserts a small needle into the patient’s trigger point. The injection, containing cortisone and lidocaine, deactivates the trigger point and alleviates the pain. The biggest benefit of TPI is the immediate relief and comfort which then lasts for several weeks.

Chiropractors will teach stretching and strengthening exercises at physical therapy to help prevent trigger points from forming again. If left untreated, trigger points can lead to further restriction and pain on the spine. Getting treatment is extremely important and should not be delayed. This treatment might be able to be had in alliance with a medical marijuana program, over the country more medical marijuana cards are available for people to have with support from their doctor to get it going. If you are in Ohio you might be able to have medical marijuana under the ommcp, Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program, where sales of marijuana are regulated and approved by them. Always best to check no matter where you are to see if you can access medical marijuana to help you with any chronic/muscle pain that is causing debilitating problems.

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