Allergy 1 2 3 Patient Experience: Clarabeth McGinnis

by in Medical Care April 30, 2019

When Clarabeth McGinnis moved from Ohio to Knoxville, she found herself in the middle of one of the allergy capitals of the U.S. Her allergies, which had previously been just a short seasonal annoyance, quickly became a year-round health challenge.

Several years ago, Clarabeth enlisted the help of Jessica Cantwell, FNP, at Apple Healthcare Group to try to find a solution to her allergies. She took the Allergy 1 2 3 scratch test, which revealed that she had some common allergies (tree pollen and mold), that were causing her some serious problems.

At the time, she estimates her allergies were about an 8 on a scale of 10 for severity. They caused several symptoms that interfered with daily life, including fatigue, upset stomach , and dizziness brought on by drainage clogging her inner ear that would force her to stay in bed.

“It makes everything in your body inflamed…I don’t think people realize that,” she says.

Under Jessica’s direction, Clarabeth started the at-home immunology treatments for the mold and tree pollen allergies. The first treatment is always done in the office under the supervision of staff to make sure patients have mastered the technique and do not have an adverse reaction to the serum.

Serum strength increases with each dose, and after an initial treatment period of about seven weeks, patients enter a maintenance phase for another six months.

Several months ago, Clarabeth repeated the Allergy 1 2 3 scratch test.

I was highly allergic to mold, and when she tested me this time, I wasn’t,” says McGinnis.

They did discover, however, that Clarabeth was allergic to almost all kinds of grass, which was enough to keep causing symptoms for her year-round. She’s now in her second round of the at-home immunology treatments and is happy to be several weeks into the process of getting rid of those allergies as well.

“It’s wonderful! I tell everyone who talks about their allergies to go to her!”

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