Achilles Tendonitis

by in Conditions We Treat, Podiatry April 6, 2015

achilles-tendinitis-painAchilles Tendonitis usually presents as pain and swelling in the back of the foot at the back of the heel. Most of the time, the pain is constant and sharp in nature and is at its worst when trying to walk and or stand. Essentially, Achilles tendonitis is inflammation in the Achilles tendon. This can be at the area where the tendon inserts into the heel bone or higher in the back of the leg. Often this occurs after a precipitating event such as a sudden increase in exercise or activity or because of improper stretching before rigorous exercise. Sometimes patients cannot recall any precipitating event.

Evaluation and treatment for Achilles tendonitis can involve x-rays and ultrasound to confirm diagnosis. Treatment usually involves rest, ice, anti-inflammatory medication, therapeutic ultrasound and physical therapy exercises. Also temporary heel lift and orthotics can often times be used. In more serious cases, offloading with a pneumatic CAM walker can be utilized.

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-Written by Bradley Gipson, DPM

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